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Case Study

ProLogis Logistics Building - Zibido San Giacomo (Mi)

ProLogis, Zibido San Giacomo (MI)ProLogis Management has allocated for the first time in Italy to JLL Department of Industrial Logistics the exclusive marketing for the sale of the logistics complex located in the municipality of San Giacomo Zibido, less than 6 km from Milan. This is an area with industrial and craft type industries. This complex consists of a building dedicated to office use and four storehouse buildings, no longer considered by the property as strategic and of required high standards level.

The activities of the department have articulated in a first phase of study and implementation of a Highest & Best Use analysis, in order to identify the "target customer", and in a second round of  presentation of the possibilities of real estate.

Once the potential buyer customer is identified, the Industrial & Logistics Department has assisted ProLogis Management in all stages of negotiations to obtain an excellent result in terms of values and commercialization times.


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