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Case Study

Vacant Industrial Complex - Cormano (Milan, Italy)

Cormano, ItalyLand surface of 38,000 sq.m.
Covered surface of 16,000 sq.m.

Following a research study commissioned by one of our Clients, aimed at defining potential and critical items of the area as well as market values and correct target definition, our Logistics & Industrial department – after a precise strategy definition – started with the commercialization phase.

The completion time was a prior issue for our Client (the sale had to be made within the end of last year) and was highly conditioned by environmental matters on which, for the above mentioned reason, it was not possible to give start to the correct verification, ward, quantification and environmental certification procedures for the whole complex.

The Logistics & Industrial department focused its commercialization on the complex’ strategic location and the potential conversions of its use – taking into consideration the interesting dimensions of the area.

The target has been defined by individuating a precise panel of National and International Developers/Investors who, appreciating the commercialized building, can dialogue with institutions and can manage any possible environmental risks connected with the area’s acquisition.

This allowed to get the definition of a final purchase-sale contract within the agreed terms, offering as well to our Client financial and time warranties on interventions aimed at verifying real environmental conditions with a possible drainage.


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