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Case Study

Industrial Complex - San Pellegrino Terme (Bergamo, Italy)

San Pellegrino, ItalyLand surface of 11,415 sq.m.
Covered surface of 4,880 sq.m.

In the framework of a whole relocation plan concerning productive activities of one of our international Clients operating in the energy sector in a single site, amongst activities where our Logistics & Industrial department has been involved is the sale of an Asset being no longer strategic for its location and dimension.

The wider scenario we’re working for – where we’re already in an advanced definition phase, as we’ve individuated a new location – imposed us to focus our activity on the rapid individuation of an interlocutor able to purchase a building not only where different uses are not foreseen, but also being located in a scarcely strategic area for the site of new productive activities.

A further difficulty was represented by logistic items by our Client who, still not availing himself of the new quarter, couldn’t make goods immediately available.

Facing a restricted action field we had to focus our commercialization on the individuation of an interlocutor appreciating features and position of the complex, not needing the immediate availability of the building.

Once the right interlocutor was individuated, our role was determining in managing a deal aimed at defining the various aspects, both financial ones usually terminating with the purchase-sale and those regulating temporary lease relations, which were necessary for the definition phase.


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