Global benchmarking services

Making the best portfolio decisions, based on reliable data, in a period with no precedent

Global benchmarking services

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have entered a completely unprecedented period for business and portfolio planning.  Real estate has never been so present on the executive agenda as businesses review the use of their office space in an era of increased remote working and health and safety prioritisation. Strategic decisions need to be made but there is no blueprint for success. So how should you make these high-risk decisions when events are unpredictable?

Providing transparency and clear visibility to help you conduct effective portfolio planning, based on objective and valid data

The starting point for adapting to the ‘Next Normal’ is understanding how your portfolio is performing today through in-depth and reliable data. Every year we are working with your peers, creating annual operational benchmarks.  Real estate does not change quickly, but it changes constantly and we expect the pandemic to produce even more dramatic changes.

41% of CRE leaders expect to increase Data Analytics / Business Intelligence outsourcing by 2020

Source: JLL, FoW Survey, 2019

Organisations need to evaluate their real estate KPIs and create success metrics that respond to the realities of the ‘Next Normal’:

  • Do you have detailed information about individual building performance in every location of your portfolio?
  • How about the cost per person or per space in each one of your buildings?
  • Do you know how you are performing against your peers?
  • Do you have enough data to make rational decisions when it comes to your people in the workplace?

To maximise savings as you reshape your portfolio you need reliable efficiency-benchmarking data to inform your decisions.

With twenty years of experience and unmatched understanding of property data, JLL’s Global Benchmarking Services team are world experts in operational performance measurement. Using anonymised data, our solution enables you to benchmark your real estate performance within your industry or within geographies across a range of metrics - space, cost, efficiency and sustainability - enabling you to make informed portfolio decisions. We also provide solutions to measure and compare with the market the level of activities in your spaces such as productivity, collaboration and wellbeing.

JLL Global Benchmarking Services blends the highest quality of building data with a consistent global methodology and an easy-to-use data visualisation tool to enable you to base your decision-making on valid insights. Our innovative digital solution incorporates end-to-end data collection, analysis and outputs. You have access to dashboards providing you with detailed benchmarked information on your buildings, spaces at local or regional level. Our services include :

  • Performance matrix – A unique tool to focus on space and cost savings, compare performance of your owned and leased buildings and identify performance differences between buildings with different uses. 
  • Multinational – We provide customised service for clients with complex portfolios who need more advanced data to make strategic decisions.
  • Human Experience - You can survey your employees and measure attitudes to home working, productivity, collaboration, the effectiveness of technology and well-being. You can also track your performance against the market, meaning that space planning can be started quickly and effectively.

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Luca Villani,Head of Occupier Services & Work Dynamics
Luca Villani
Head of Occupier Services & Work Dynamics



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