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Reshape the workplace strategy to fit the new dynamics of the workforce in the Next Normal

Hub & club

As a result of COVID-19, our relationship with the office has been transformed in mere months. During the lockdown, remote working has proved to be viable for most companies and many employees enjoyed the benefits of commuting less and manage their work with more flexibility. However as organisations are reopening their sites, we can notice that many people missed their office for socialisation and human interaction. As work is no more somewhere you go but something you do, it is now fundamental to reimagine the purpose of Tomorrow’s Workplace.

Many organisations are exploring opportunities to rationalize and future-proof portfolios, creating workspaces that scale with growth. The physical office will take center stage in facilitating interaction and collaboration and ultimately, in the health, well-being and productivity of employees. It will be critical that remaining physical office space fosters better employee experiences.

As companies are deciding between continuing remote working and getting back to the office, several hybrid ecosystems are emerging pointing towards a balance between the business imperatives and the new expectations of employees post-lockdown. But which one to choose?

Helping companies to redesign and deliver their Tomorrow’s Workplaces based on the “Hub and Club” model.

Among those hybrid ecosystems, multiple organisations are now considering the “Hub and Club” model to help win the ever-tightening war on talent. While this model doesn’t fit every organisations, it can be a good approach for those wondering how to manage a distributed workforce across multiple sites. Since the trends towards urbanization will begin to decelerate, workers are keen to avoid busy commutes and favour the ability to work locally. Setting up “Hubs” out of town locations to cater for traditional desk based roles as an alternative to home working can leave city HQs to deliver the “Clubs” through that puts the employees experience at its core and to meet clients and customers.

JLL and Tetris have been working together to propose a vision of Tomorrow’s Workplace based on the concept of “Hub and Club” model to help organisations rethink their operating model focused on their workplace experience driving long-term competitive advantage.

We will partner with you to bring to life your Tomorrow’s Workplace across 3 dimensions - emotional, digital and physical - and create purpose driven spaces that inspire great work and that maximise efficiency guaranteeing health & safety.

  • Emotional: environments that tap into senses by how they smell, sound, feel and look.
  • Digital: environments that are supported with seamless and fully integrated digital ecosystems.
  • Physical: environments that deliver the spaces to work, connect, learn and socialise.

48% of organisations expect steady rationalisations of their portfolios

Source : JLL, COVID-19 EMEA Occupier Sentiment Survey, 2020

‘Consumerisation of space’ will be the new normal where space is consumed on demand. With the hubs, organisations give autonomy to the employees. They can choose how, when and where they work. These employees are essentially office staffs who need to connect to the business and are usually living close to their Hub. Each Hub can be set up at out of town locations in satellite offices or leverage existing flex spaces opportunities for more agility or even just via working from home. Besides, Hubs have another advantage since they ensure a “premises distancing” to protect employees and guarantee business continuity.

Having a strategic plan tailored for purpose led HQs supported by remote working will be a defining success factor for businesses. With the Club, firms can leverage their central HQs to truly provide a workplace experience focused on people. Organisations can design these unique spaces to fully express and embrace the culture of their brands and bring their people together. Usually located centrally in the city, the Club can be both applied to a HQ consolidate into and also a solution that is implemented on only a few floors within a HQ building.

How can we help you design and deliver your “Hub & Club” model?

  • Audit and advisory of your workplace portfolio and strategy
  • Concept design and space planning of multi-functional spaces that support collaboration with teammates and interaction with clients, within a safe zone
  • Central Project Management to deliver your spaces with consistency and aligned with your strategy
  • Digital solutions that create productive, interactive and sustainable spaces
  • Bespoke and office furniture that supports privacy and comfort, while also directing the movement of people
  • Provision of high-grade furniture to optimise productivity when working from home (in partnership with Steelcase)
  • Security systems and access control
  • M&E and HVAC installations

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Lorena Gianlorenzi
Operations & Solutions Development Director
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Luca Villani
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