Big Data

As more data is captured, digested and shared, the way supply chains – and warehouses – are managed and operated is being improved.

Becoming more efficient when moving and storing stock is the end goal. A more accurate and timely picture of demand could speed up delivery times and cut the amount of inventory being held. But that’s not to say that the use of big data will eliminate present ways of monitoring supply chains.

In the shorter-term, current warehouse management systems and inventories of stock will remain vital in day-to-day operations. But big data has the potential to substantially improve the transparency of supply chains and, by doing so, make them more efficient and reduce costs. And while inventory won’t be omitted from supply chains due to supply lead time being longer than demand lead time and goods coming from different locations, big data could enable significant reductions in inventory.

We present the most relevant and key big data opportunities within supply chains, industrial & logistics. If you want to know more, please register to download the report.


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